Emergency Trauma Dentistry—When you are in need, it matters the most.

trauma-dentistry-imageWhether it is a slip or trip, a fall, a sport injury, or an accident, all kinds of trauma situations can affect the teeth and jaw. Whilst many injuries require attending a hospital many hospitals are not equipped to deal with direct teeth trauma. We have seen and dealt with many teeth trauma injuries.

Often the process of treatment and recovery of direct teeth trauma begins at a dental office, or the hospital needs an attending dentist to complete the cure. We are well experienced to help. Most dental injuries need immediate attention. We will always do our best to help, and care for you, as soon as possible.

Often dental trauma cases present directly to the dental office. See examples of a couple of such situations below. One was a case of fractured teeth from a fall. The other was a situation where the tooth came out completely, from a blow to the face …. That tooth was able to be re-inserted and stabilised, with the tissue tear sutured appropriately. Trauma situations range from simple tooth trauma fixes, root canal treatments, to complex re-construction cases, or even appropriate surgical interventions.

Dentistry by Dr. Rakesh Maini